Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am co-assiatant at VBS at our church this year.  YEAH!  So much fun, since I LOVE crafts.  I was not involved with any of the planning BUT I get to help assymble everything when the kiddos come in.  We get about 20-30 kids at a time and there are 4 groups.  This one was fun!

Here is the table all set up for our visitors

We have card stock, (two holes punched in the top), streamers, our bible verse on coloring paper and a pretty cross.

The children colored the coloring sheets while an adult came around and stapled the card stock and the streamers, then the child glued the cross and verses to the wind sock

Beautiful!  Then when it blows in the wind you will remember that God is like the wind, you cant see him but you can see his effects, just like you can see the wind blowing your wind sock!

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