Sunday, June 24, 2012

Block Party

My son Eli wants to get this stuffed animal making kit that he saw at Walmart.  I did not really look at it closely, but he thinks it comes with 15 stuffed animals and stuffing, I really doubt that it does.  Its only $10.00.  Anyways he told his dad last night that he was going to buy this thing and make 100's of stuffed animals.  He has big dreams of this kit and apparently becoming a stuffed animal maker. 

Eli approached me this afternoon and said "Mom can we have a block party?  You can dress up like Cinderella and make balloon animals, I will set up a stuffed animal making station, and Noah will be dressed up in a costume"  My first thought was to say no, then I said "A block party sounds fun, I will help you plan it"  I figured a good oppurtiunity had just presented its self to teach them about doing for others, and being a good host.  So we picked a date.  And then we got to party planning

Me - "Okay I will get out the snow cone machine and the cotton candy machine, and the chocolate fountian.   We can serve hot dogs, chips and fruit.  I can ask gramps to make balloon animals, I can face paint, and Eli you can have your stuffed animal making corner.  Does all this sound good?"

Eli - Yes

Noah - What about the costumes?  I thought we were all wearing costumes?  I really want to dress like a modern warfare person.

Me - Ah yes, no costumes at this block party.  It will be to hot.  BUT you guys can help me print out the flyers & pass them out in a few days. Okay?

We printed up these invites and the kids colored the "Block Party" part.  Then they passed them out.  I had a feeling that not everyone got one they re-passed them out the Friday before.  I figure no one is going to re arrange their schedule to come, so if they can come the Friday before they will come.

The day of the party came and the kids helped me set up the food.
We had our chocolate fountian & fruit, our cotton candy machine & our snow cone machine.  We also served hot dogs and chips

I am always suprised how much fruit gets eaten when you put it on a stick.  I made this cute flag, then I also had three bowls of blue berries and two bowls of strawberries that got eaten as well (I guess chocolate helps too)

The moonwalk arrived & I have to give Moonwalk Mania a plug.  First of all she is the lowest price I have EVER paid for a moon walk rental & the best service.  They are super clean, Robin is super nice and she went ahead and left it over night to give the kids more time to play.  It was really sweet of her.  You can connect with her on facebook here

Then the ice cream truck showed up.  I hate the ice cream truck.  I always tell the kids for the price you pay for one popsical I can get you a gallon of blue bell.  Oh well they saw us out side and hung out on the street for twenty min (no lie) until they decided no one was buying ice cream today & left.

 Hanging out in the shade with our Micah boy

The kids got hot so we pulled out the awesome squirt guns from the dollar store & the kiddy pool.  I said "dont shoot the moonwalk or the grown ups"  and they had a great time

Eating food


I think the party was a sucess!  We got to know some neighbors better, the kids learned about all the hard work that goes into a party before the fun starts and everyone had a good time.

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