Monday, October 13, 2014

Family Vacation

 The time has finally come!  It's cruise time!  I consulted several packing list to make sure that we had every thing we would need for the trip.  Below is what worked for my family, and the questionable things I will note how we used them.

     Travel Documents:
  • Child passports
  • pediatrician name & phone number
  • current pictures of children

Of course the passports were a must have, the current picture and the doctors information was not hard to get together and it gave me peace of mind.  If I were to need it. 

        Medicine & sundries
  • children's prescriptions
  • allergy medication
  • Tylenol, Advil,
  • anti-itch cream
  • anti - diarrhea medication
  • band-aids
  • sunblock
  • sunblock for lips
  • diaper rash ointment
  • anti-bacterial hand cleaner
  • children's insect repellant
  • thermometer
  • deodorant
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • brush
  • hair bands

Again, most of this was used, but not all of it.  These are the kinds of tings that when they are needed, they are needed.  

baby (Toddler)
  • diapers & swim diapers
  • baby wipes
  • zip-lock bags
  • dish washing detergent
  • umbrella stroller
  • diaper bag
  • sun hats
  • blankie
  • inflatable swim aids

I did not use the dish soap, I think if you had a younger child and were dealing with bottles you would need it.  But Micah is 2, so this was not really a need for us.  Everything else was used. 

Items for older boys:
  • batteries
  • 2-way radios or walkie talkies
  • children books and magazines
  • sun glasses
  • travel games
  • dvd player & movies
  • disposable camera

Wouldnt you know....I left the DVD player on the kitchen table.  It would have been useful, but alas we did not have it.  The walkie talkies were not really used (they are being used now)  Books were used in waiting to get on the ship and off, sun glasses and we used the camera BUT all CVS & Walgreen's got rid of their wet machines 3 months ago, which means they send off your film to be put on a CD and then send it back to you where you can then print your pictures!!!  WHAT???  The days of film are over.  We will not be buying one of these again. 

    Other helpful Items:
  • Ziplock bags
  • Rain gear
  • small flash light
  • juice boxes
  • snacks
  • duct tape
  • door decorations
  • power strip
  • highlighters
  • post it notes
  • no -mess coloring kits (in carry on bags) 
Ziplock bags were used (wet swim suits, diapers, soaps) 
rain gear was not, however theses were just 99 cent camping ponchos that I had my husband put in his truck.  He may be able to use them with his job.  
The juice boxes and snacks just gave me comfort.  If there was an emergency, I knew I would have something for my kids to eat.  This made me feel better.  It was not used, but is being used now & I would bring it again.  
Flash lights were used.  Room gets really dark, my husband kept it by the bed to see to and from the bathroom at night.
We had the cutest door in the whole place and had lots of complements.  This was fun for the kids.  Not a must do, but we enjoyed it.  And it was easy to spot our door.

I forgot the power strip too, but it would have been used. The duct tape was not used, and I am really not sure what the original person needed it for.  But I thought, "Hey if there's a chance I'm going to need duct tape....I better have it"  I would leave it next time.
Post it notes were used as well as the coloring kits (while waiting)
highlighters are good for marking your daily itinerary

Kids Cruise clothes (2 formal nights & casual nights)
  • 6-7 t-shirts
  • 6-7 pairs of shorts
  • bathing suits
  • cover ups
  • outfits for causal informal nights
  • 2 out fits for formal nights

We had one formal night, so two out fits were not needed, I think they wore all of the clothes I packed them, each had two swim suits which were worn and I could have packed them more T-shirts.  Again, I forgot my cover-up and had to buy one.  So make sure you remember yours!

An Invergorating Bath...

I had been hearing about essential oils for sometime now.  I had a positive experience with the essential oils helping with my seasonal allergies, and I just recently purchased the family physician kit from doTerra.  It arrived right before I left on my cruise so I had not had much time to learn and or experiment with their uses.  I had an idea while I was gone so when I got home, I consulted google and got started with my first real essenical oil experience.

I suffer from what I would call almost chronic shoulder and lower back pain.  I am a member at massage envy.  I do stress releving tecniques.  Its still a big problem.  While I was on my cruise I had a massage at the spa.  The woman giving my massage had a few suggestions for my pain and tried to sell me a few things.  They smelled like pepermint and she suggested I take a nice hot relaxing bath at night with a few cap fuls of this stuff.  Well I didnt buy it, but it got me to wondering about the peppermint essencial oil.  So I consulted the box lid and then google to see if I could add it to my bath water.  The box lid said pepermint "cools and invergorates" The article I found said to add 10 drops to your water for a nice invegorating bath...then it said maybe start with 5 drops and build to 10.

If you know me, at all, I go big or I go home.  So thinking that I am really on to something I get in my nice hot bath, ready to relax and add 10 drops of the peppermint essential oil to my tub. After all, I just found the cure to my chronic pain.  I deserve this.  Settle in for some r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n.   Deep breath.  Ah the nice smell of why are my legs tingling?  
Why is my who-ha tingling? 
 I think I had a misunderstanding... maybe a misreading.  
 Is this what they meant by invigorating? 
 I can see steam coming off the water and my body is freezing cold. 10 drops was way too many.  Way too many.  
I was definitely felt invigorated and cooled.

I got out and toweled off, fewer drops next time I tell my self.  
In all fairness, I did try it again with less drops (5) and that was the right amount for me.  It also has the cooling sensation with me, which lead me to research that fever reduction is another use.  I think for children I would apply to the bottom of the feet, to avoid possible sensitivity to sensitive areas.