Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank you Ke$ha

On New Years Eve I went to sleep early, my husband stayed up with the kids doing fun New Years eve stuff. He thought it would be safe to watch Rocking New Years Eve with the kids. Then she came out

Basically wearing underwear.

N: Dad that girl has no pants on!
E: Ya Dad she is in her underwear!
Dad: (thinking)
N: why is she in her underwear?
Dad: Yes, she is in her underwear isn’t she? This is the kind of girl you never want to bring home to your mother. Make sure you bring home a girl who has pants on (score for dad)

Fast forward to the morning

Me (making waffles)
E: Mom I am going to bring home a girl wearing underwear
Me: Oh ya? Well she better have pants on over her underwear
E: no just underwear
Me: Hmm, well she cant come inside and you will be locked in your room for the rest of your life
E: I was just kidding, she will have pants on

How about you?  Have you ever thought something was okay and then turned out it was not?

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