Thursday, January 6, 2011

How I met my husband

My husband and I just celebrated 10 years of marriage on December 16th 2010.  We met in August of 1999 and were married in December of 2000.  We are often asked how we met, so here is goes :)

I was a freshman at Stephen F Austin Univeristy and did not have a car (thats a story for another time)  I was waiting down stairs in the lobby to go to Wednesday night Church when this man sat down next to me.  I thought it was the campus athest who went by the name animal.

He was a large man, in a black shirt with all this facial hair.  Then he started talking to me, and I thought "why is this guy talking to me?"

So our first conversation went something like this:

me: so like are you into God
Wes: yes (holds up Bible)
Me: oh hm (being observent is not my strong quality) well maybe I will see you around

So there you have it.  Love at first sight

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