Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bottoms are Funny

Right before New Years N (4), E (3) and myself came down with strep throat. I went to the minute clinic at CVS and had made the kids an appointment for later that evening with their doctor.

Now before I go any further I want you to imagine you are at CVS not feeling well and your with this guy: (the one at the very end)

Thank you Monday night football. My kids think this guy is so funny, so funny in fact that he needs to be duplicated at home, at the grocery store, and even at CVS when mommy was feeling like crap.

E: Hello Mr. Doctor
Me: E she’s a woman
E: Hello Mr Doctor
Woman: I am a nurse
Me: Lets just be quite
N: “diaper head” (while doing Booty slapping dance)

So I convince Wes that I feel bad and he needs to take the kids to the doctor. Its decided they need a shot, no biggie they should be prepared for this.
Nurse: Okay lets pull down your pants so we can give you a shot
N : (Pulls down pants… underwear are on)
Wes: looks at N “Why don’t you have underwear on?”
Nurse: laughs give shot

E :pulls pants down, no underwear
Wes: well look at you no underwear and your pants are on back wards
Nurse: (to E) please don’t pee on me

Now before you all look at me – I put underwear on them and at some point during the day they decided they did not need them & took them off

What tv commercials do your kids copy?

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