Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art Camp - Day two - Paint Balloons

 Well today we were going to do tie dye t-shirts, BUT when I got out all the supplies I saw that it needed about 24 hours of prep work which I had not done.  OOPS.  I started thinking about what to do.  It is art camp week and I needed an idea and I needed it quick.  Then I thought.....I wonder if I could make paint balloons

What the heck - lets give it a shot

I got out some non toxic washable childrens paint, a mustard container (we use these for crafts all the time) and water balloons.

I emptied the paint into the container.  You are going to want a good mix of paint and air in your container.  (dont fill the container full of paint)

Add your balloon and.....

Tilt the container to the side so you can add air.  Do one squeeze of air, pinch off the balloon allowing the container to re-fill with air

re insert paint container in to balloon and fill with paint.

I found the best splats come from the balloons that are half paint half air.

The finished product

Will it work?


If you can see his expression he thought it was super cool.

Now that it works, lets make it more cost effective, because really who wants to spend $10 worth of paint in like 2 balloons?

Corn starch paint.

Mix corn startch with water till you get a paint like consentensy, add one squirt of dish soap and add food coloring of choice.

 Hehe, welcome to the family.

The biggest difference I noticed was the real paint was easier to clean off the fence.  This was so much fun, and it was the most fun when it got on someone and not the paper, even though it made pretty paper splatter art.  If you are worried about mess you can always follow it with a good old fashion water balloon fight.

Now some of you (like my husband) may be worried about clean up.  Here was the damage

a few splats missed the paper on the fence

 and a few splats ended up on the ground

I pulled out the trusty water hose and....

what paint fight?

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