Friday, June 15, 2012

How to roll out tortillas

This is how I roll out my tortillas.  It took me a bit of trial and error to find out how
(and watching the ladies at Ninfas) & this way works for me

After mixing my dough, turn your stove top on and began heating your cast iron skillet.  Then I lay out a sheet of parchment paper, because nothing sticks to it.  I do not use flour,  my experience is using to much flour to prevent sticking makes them taste bad, so I found using parchment paper, I don't have to use ANY flour

1.  I form the dough in to roughly table spoon balls. 
One batch makes about 24 balls, give or take

2.  I smush the balls some what flat with my hand

Example of somewhat flat ball, I stack all the somewhat flat balls to the side

2.  I then stack two flat balls

3. I roll front and back applying light pressure with my roller

4. Turn parchment paper & roll

5. Turn parchment paper & roll

6.  Continue to turn the paper and roll until the tortilla is the size you feel it should be

No two will be the same size.  This method is how I have gotten them the most round and they are about the thickness of the kind you buy.

Place your tortilla on heated cast iron skillet.  In about 30 seconds it will puff up, a bit like pancakes do.  Once you see the "bubbles"  its ready to flip.


And that is how I make my tortillas.  I do a double batch about once a week & normally my husband helps me.  We enjoy doing it together.

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