Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sibling Song

When I was a little girl, my mother would make my sister and I sing this stupid song.  I HATED it, I mean despised it.  In fact I swore I would never make my kids sing it.  Here is how it works.  My sister and I would be fighting, hitting, what ever but in full out hate.  Then mom would say in her super cheery voice "time to sing the sister song"  we would say "no!  I'm not doing it!  NOT THE SISTER SONG!"  she would say "yes, the sister song"  Then she would make us hug and sing:

"sisters were sisters,
nothing comes between me and my sister. 
Together forever to the very end,
nothing comes between me and my sister
because were best friends"

I hated it, hated it.

I am sure my sister feels the same way

Well I discovered that it actually works.

A few days ago my boys were fighting & I told them if they kept it up I would make them sing the brother son & I taught it to them.  So today at Chic-fli-a they were fighting & kept coming to me "Mom he hit me" "Mom he did this" "Mom he did that"  So finally I said "That's enough, come here, Okay now hug, okay sing the brother song" 
Boys - "WHAT?.....NO!"
Me "Yes sing"

So in Chick-fli-a they hugged and mumbled
"brothers were brothers,
nothing comes between me and my brother.
Together forever to the very end,
nothing comes between me and my brother
because were best friends"

When they left my friends asked "what did you just make them do?"  and I told them.  They then asked me to post this because the boys did not come back to me until it was time to go.  So here you go ladies, my creative parenting punishment.  Hugging and singing.

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  1. Thanks Laura! I am sooo going to try this. It was nice hanging out with you guys today.

  2. OMG- you made them do this? Poor kids.