Monday, December 1, 2014

The Perfect Christmas Card

I saw a really cute Christmas card idea on Pintrest.  The only problem I had was, how was I going to recreate this?  My fancy camera is not working, I didn't really want to pay to take the kids somewhere, but I wanted an awesome card.  I stumbled across this really cool app.  Krome Retouch (second row, second app)

The app is really simple.  You take a picture that you like, you send it to the professional editors at Krome, you tell them what you want changed, and they send it back to you edited with in 24 hours.

This was the idea I had gotten from pintrest.  Super cute, right?  And totally fits my oldest sons personality.  I sent this in to Krome and said that I wanted the color fixed and it to look like they were in an Elf toy shop, or some kind of Christmas back ground.

I was very impressed and happy with the final picture.  Krome charges $8.99 per edit, which is much cheaper than a professional photo and they offer a free "preview" when you install the app.  Once you get the preview, they give you credit for certain things you do.  You get so much credit for sharing on facebook, twitter, etc.  I think it was a max of $6.00 so this ended up costing me $3.00, and yes I would use it again on a picture that I wanted edited.  They can do so many cool things.  Check them out CLICK HERE.

This is our final Christmas card picture.  I added "Slient Night" and I sent it off to shutterfly.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas.

**Krome emailed and asked if they could use our picture on their web site, but as of yet has not.  This was not a paid advertisement, I just love the service and wanted to pass on the information