Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We had friends come stay the weekend with us.  First we declared it FUN FORT FRIDAY and we put the tent up

When you are in a tent you need the perfect camping food, so we had vanilla wafers, marshmallows and chocolate chips

Time to fix lunch, Mac-N-Cheese for everyone!  That pan was TOO small for four boxes of Mac-N-Cheese

Fun times with friends

After lunch we played with playdou

As a child I was not allowed to mix colors....so this is really, really hard for me.  But I let them do it

I made them cook dinner, that's right, when you have THAT many kids you have to put them to work

we made pizza, smashed out our dough

added tomato sauce, cheese and toppings

Then I baked every ones pizza in my handy dandy pizza cooker

What a fun friend Friday!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Science Camp - Can we blow up a balloon

This was really cool, but for some reason the pictures I took did not work.  Maybe I did not have the card in the camera.  So you get "re-shoots"
I saved beer bottles from when my brother came to visit.  We took an alcasler tablet crunched it up and stuffed in the balloon.  Fill the beer bottle 1/3 with water.
Then you place the balloon on the bottle empty the contents of the balloon into the bottle
And whalla!  The balloon blows up.
The pictures of there faces were so cute!  But I dont have them.  This is def a fun one!

Science Camp - Day 1

Wow!  This summer has FLOWN by!   We are already on week 6.  WOW.

I purchased this kit off of a daily deal site.  I cant remember if it was 1saleaday, or Woot, im thinking it was WootKids, but dont remember for sure.

 Anyways - Its at a much higher grade level than the boys are so my husband and I decided we would do it with them & read them threw all the activites.  The first group was explaning volume and other stuff, they wanted you to do all this weighing and stuff like that.  We did not.

We filled a measuring cup with 200ml of water
We added an alkselser tablet
We watched it

What is happening to the tablet?  "Its bubbling"
Yes, Is the water level going up? "Yes"
I wonder why that is?

Cool, on to activity number two.  Whats in side a diaper?

An aboorbing plastic you say?  hmmmm

Lets take a look

Cutting diaper length wise

ta da!

Dumped cotton & plastic beads in to measuring cup

adding water - next time will add just a bit at a time

substance thickened.  The boys squished it and felt it, we watched the tiny plastic beads aborb water and talked about how this material works in the diaper

That wraps up day one!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dinosaur Week - Week 6

Week 6 was our Dinosaur week.  We had a blast learning about dinosaurs.  Originally I had planned on taking the kids to Glen Rose TX to look at REAL dinosaur foot prints, but we did not make it.  We still learned plenty!  Click on the picture to be taken to that days activity!

We varied from our original "bucket list"  due to not traveling

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dinosaur Fossils

So we wrapped up Texas Dinosaur day by talking about the fossil foot prints at Dinosaur Valley state park, I decided to talk a little more in depth about the fossils and about how they thought they were made.

For this activity I had cement, stones, rocks, and jewels

They made their hand prints in the cement - just like the dinosaurs did all those years ago.  We talked about how they thought it happened and why.

The kids had so much fun decorating their stepping stones & learning about dinosaurs this week!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Texas Dinosaur Day

I had originally planned to take the boys to Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose TX, but I decided that it would not work out this summer being by my self with the 3 boys.  So instead we learned about Dinosaur Valley and the Dinosaurs who used to live there.

 I created my own coloring sheets with facts on the two dinosaurs know in that area.  I had to use generic pictures. The Acrontharus is a smaller version of the T-Rex (we used a T-Rex picture) and it is his foot prints that are mostly found at Dinosaur Valley
 The Paulxyasuraus Jonsi is similar to the brontosaurus (again I had to use a brontosaurus picture) and these particular foot prints that were found let them know this HUGE animal was able to support its weight on land.  Until these prints were found it was thought they had to use water to support their great weight

You can click on the two pictures below to make copies if you would like to color with your little ones.  Also click HERE for a print out on Texas Dinosaurs

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dino Digging - Week 6 - Day 2

This activity is very similar to Dino Fun that we did a while back.  This time I had them pretend they were paleontologist digging up dinosaurs, instead of them hatching.

It was a very similar set up.  I provided dinosaur toys for pretend play after the "excavation", rocks  and digging tools

ROAR!!!  All set up and ready to play

There was a living dinosaur in there, the one that's half showing was supposed to have been trapped in some goo.

This time the dough was still soft, so it was easy to "break them out"

After we dugg them out, or helped them hatch, your choice, we made mountains with the soft dough.
 I love it when you have one idea for "creative play" and their minds take it somewhere else.  Its really cool.
 Here is our baby, he is always sitting and observing with us.  I say things like

 "you like dinosaurs? 
He is Blue, a blue dinosaur. 
Can you touch him? 
How does he feel?  Smooth?"

This way he is learning sensory with us

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dino Week - Ice eggs

Day one of Dinosaur week. 

We were going to discover some frozen dinosaurs.  You know they were just walking around one day, and then BAM they were frozen.

This activity required a little prep work.  I got out some regular size balloons and shoved little toy dinosaurs in them.

Then I filled them with water and let them freeze a few days

When I got them out the boys were pretty suprised.  I cut the knot off and took the balloon off the ice.  It came off pretty easy.

Then I gave them a hammer and said "help get your friends out!"  Boys and hammers can be dangerous, so I said "lets put on saftey goggles"

They loved this!  I would say it kept them busy for about 45 min.  They each had three "eggs" and they shared a hammer.  I also heated water & let them pour it on the eggs.  We talked about what was happening.

"Why do you think the ice is melting when we pour water on it?"
"Is the water still hot after it runs on the ice?"

Clean up was pretty easy since I had the table covered.  But this is a wet activity and would be good out side...it just happened to be raining

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp Create

One of the VBS style camps my kids attended was camp create.  I really, really liked this idea.  It was based on Genisis that God created the world & that we have a creative creator.  Basically they asked members of the church what their gifts were.  They responded with things like Creative Cooking, cake making, legos, mosaics, gardening, dance, karate, etc.  When you signed your child up you labled the choices one to twenty five in the order that your child would like to do them.  They were put in one main class (one hour long) and two side classes (30 min each) each night.   The main choice they went to each night.  Eli got Legos for his main choice and Noah got cartooning
This really helped Eli build his confidence with Legos. He came home and played with his legos after camp.

At the end of the week he was given this cool lego set to go home and work on.

Mosaics was one of the classes
I LOVED the frames
Eli with his frame
Both boys frames
sock puppets was another class, they made a dog and a sheep
yarnation was cute.  two cute little yarn lambs

This is  a great idea & I think its a way to get a lot of chuch members involved sharing their skills.  Many people asked for an adult "camp create"  I think that is a great idea too.  You could have a lot of fun with it.  Photography etc.  Love it!