Monday, July 16, 2012

Texas Dinosaur Day

I had originally planned to take the boys to Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose TX, but I decided that it would not work out this summer being by my self with the 3 boys.  So instead we learned about Dinosaur Valley and the Dinosaurs who used to live there.

 I created my own coloring sheets with facts on the two dinosaurs know in that area.  I had to use generic pictures. The Acrontharus is a smaller version of the T-Rex (we used a T-Rex picture) and it is his foot prints that are mostly found at Dinosaur Valley
 The Paulxyasuraus Jonsi is similar to the brontosaurus (again I had to use a brontosaurus picture) and these particular foot prints that were found let them know this HUGE animal was able to support its weight on land.  Until these prints were found it was thought they had to use water to support their great weight

You can click on the two pictures below to make copies if you would like to color with your little ones.  Also click HERE for a print out on Texas Dinosaurs

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