Friday, July 13, 2012

Dino Digging - Week 6 - Day 2

This activity is very similar to Dino Fun that we did a while back.  This time I had them pretend they were paleontologist digging up dinosaurs, instead of them hatching.

It was a very similar set up.  I provided dinosaur toys for pretend play after the "excavation", rocks  and digging tools

ROAR!!!  All set up and ready to play

There was a living dinosaur in there, the one that's half showing was supposed to have been trapped in some goo.

This time the dough was still soft, so it was easy to "break them out"

After we dugg them out, or helped them hatch, your choice, we made mountains with the soft dough.
 I love it when you have one idea for "creative play" and their minds take it somewhere else.  Its really cool.
 Here is our baby, he is always sitting and observing with us.  I say things like

 "you like dinosaurs? 
He is Blue, a blue dinosaur. 
Can you touch him? 
How does he feel?  Smooth?"

This way he is learning sensory with us

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