Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camp Create

One of the VBS style camps my kids attended was camp create.  I really, really liked this idea.  It was based on Genisis that God created the world & that we have a creative creator.  Basically they asked members of the church what their gifts were.  They responded with things like Creative Cooking, cake making, legos, mosaics, gardening, dance, karate, etc.  When you signed your child up you labled the choices one to twenty five in the order that your child would like to do them.  They were put in one main class (one hour long) and two side classes (30 min each) each night.   The main choice they went to each night.  Eli got Legos for his main choice and Noah got cartooning
This really helped Eli build his confidence with Legos. He came home and played with his legos after camp.

At the end of the week he was given this cool lego set to go home and work on.

Mosaics was one of the classes
I LOVED the frames
Eli with his frame
Both boys frames
sock puppets was another class, they made a dog and a sheep
yarnation was cute.  two cute little yarn lambs

This is  a great idea & I think its a way to get a lot of chuch members involved sharing their skills.  Many people asked for an adult "camp create"  I think that is a great idea too.  You could have a lot of fun with it.  Photography etc.  Love it!

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