Thursday, December 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf 2012

This is our second year of Elf on the Shelf being our family tradition.  Our elf does not report back to Santa, he just does silly things.  These pictures are in no patricular order.
Day 1:  Sammy arrived and brought card board ginger bread houses and breakfast
Sammy left a note & magic seeds (sprinkles) to be planted in sugar

The magic seeds GREW over night into cookies!!!  You can see we were shocked
Sammy replaced pictures of family with pictures of himself

Sammy brought us a magic tree 
Sammy left us a paper chain, in the bathroom, down the hall.  WOW it was crazy!!!  He must have worked on it for days ;)

Sammy took a bubble bath in the sink

Sammy built an igloo and snow men out of marshmellows

Sammy took a nap in a tissue box

Sammy took it easy and hung out in the tree

Sammy Sold hot chocolate

Sammy hung from the celing fan

Sammy did some math

Sammy made a snow flake out of Q-Tips

Sammy drew silly faces on our family picture with a dry erase marker!

Scooby-Doo and the Gang caused a little traffic jam that had Sammy waiting for ever!

Sammy left a note on the Dry Erase board
 Sammy Made a Snow Angel
The toys tied sammy up!

Sammy shaved a Christmas tree into daddys head!  (Yes he knew, yes he was awake, yes it was his idea)
Sammy hung up our underwear where our stockings should go!

He did a few more things, that I dont have pictures of.  He made "Elf donuts" and he brought the kids one present to open early on Christmas Eve :)
Hope you enjoyed our Elf this year!  Cant wait to see what he does next year.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Foster Puppies

My husband has been unemployed since October 11th.  We are very giving people and its a new experience for us to be on the receiving end.  We have been overwhelmed with the kindness of others through out this time in our lives.
Two Sundays ago, in our church bulletin there was a challenge to do something clearly unselfish.  I was trying to think of something we could do as a family.  When I got home that day and got on facebook there was a request from Dakota rescue.  A mommy dog had quit nursing her babies (she had 10) and they needed help!  We offered to take two.

I packed the kids up and we went to get them.  The kids understood it would just be for two weeks, that we were caring for them because their mother could not.  The larger one we called Buster, the smaller one we called Scratchy.

They were so adorable.  We feed them, and loved them and played with them.  The boys helped as much as they could.  They helped with bottle feeding and changing the newspapers & when they got baths they helped dry them.
Opie was checking in on them.
Our baby was not too sure about the puppies.  He would clap at them, but kind of wanted them to stay at arms length away.  (this is buster & the baby)

Two cuties!
Then it was time to say good bye.  They played with the puppies all day.  Then we went up to pet-co to have them put up for adoption.  Noah cried first, then when the other puppies came, Eli cried.

But we were so happy to hear that Buster was adopted and it will just be a matter of time before scratchy is adopted too.  The boys were so happy to hear that!

Buster with his new owner!!!  I'm sure he will love him as much as we did

Friday, December 21, 2012

Orchestra Memory Game

We are in week 4 of our Konos curriculum on the character trait of attentiveness.  I can not say enough good things about Konos, I highly recommend it.  In weeks 3 & 4 we learned about sound, musical instruments and the orchestra and symphony.  One of our activities was to learn the lay out of where all the instruments are located in an orchestra and the names and family's that each instrument belonged into.
I had very much enjoyed week one of the attentiveness unit, where we used a very interactive approach to memorize the ear.  So I created this memory game to help the children with the memorization of the orchestra.

This was such a fun night! We made sugar cookies, listened to Christmas music and then sat by the fire & played our memory game!

Blooming Bath Review

We had our third child about 5 years after our second child. Everything had changed, everything was new. It was crazy. I was going to go with the bear sponge tub it worked well with my first two children. Then I stumbled across the blooming bath.

I thought it was awesome!  I was in love with it.  So I ordered it.  It was so soft and plush and since I had a c-section it worked great bathing  him in the sink.  Everyone who bathed him thought it was the best bath tub ever.  Now that he is 10 months old, we still love it.  He sits on it in the bath tub and splashes around on it.  I highly recomend the blooming bath.
Below is a video I did on it to answer a question for a fb friend

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

Last year was the first year I had heard about the Elf on the Shelf, or maybe it was the first year that I paid attention to it.  I purchased our elf about half way through the Christmas season and we had a lot of fun with him.   He has:

1 - Short sheeted the kids beds
2- hung from the ceiling fan
3 - Dyed the toilet water green
4 - Sat on top of a little Christmas tree
5 - Sat on top of a Reindeer
6 - Sat on the stair banister
7- Sat in a Christmas flower arrangement
8 - Hung out at the top of the big Christmas tree
9 - Chilled out by the cookie jar in the kitchen
10- Made a snow angle in the flour

11- Elf played cards with santa
12. Elf painted the kids nose red

So this Christmas I will have to think of more fun elf ideas - and not to mention towards the end of the holiday my sister and I started a "friendly" elf competition.  To say we are competitive at stuff like this would be an understatement.  Here are a a few of the things she did with her elf:

1 - Elf hung from paper chains in bathroom

2. Elf wrapped Christmas tree with TP

This Christmas I am going way over the top.  She wont beat me.