Monday, December 9, 2013

Cooking with Miss Kay - Mexican Corn Bread - Take 2

As you are most likely well aware of by now, I recently purchased Miss. Kay's cook book and I have attempted many of the recipes already.  You can read about my first attempt at the Mexican Corn Bread here.  It was good enough that we knew I needed to try it again and get it right this time.
This time, I did not crisscross the bacon.  I laid it out in the pan and cut some slices to fit.  I used about 9 pieces.

Then I mixed up all the ingredients

I cooked the bacon until it was almost done.    It was crispy, but not too crispy.  I drained a good bit of the grease, but first I greased the sides.

Then I added the corn bread mixture and cooked.    It came out perfect.  The corn bread was not greasy, the bacon was crisp.  We all loved it.  This time it was an A+ for sure!

If you don't already have Miss Kay's cook book.  I suggest you get it!

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  1. I'm making this now and SO glad I found your site! I knew it didn't feel right to put the cornbread mixture over 1/2 cooked bacon. Thank you so much!!!