Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Story by Eli

Eli - So the giant chicken was running all around on Easter
Me - Why
Eli - Because he lost his colored eggs, and he was crying because he could not put the colored eggs in our yard
Me - Its a bunny Eli
Noah - Mom (laughing) Bunnies dont lay eggs, Chickens DO
Me - uh ya...

I did not explaine about the Easter Bunny ever, we just dont talk about it.  But I do have to admit it would make more sence for us to have an Easter Chicken, and not an Easter Bunny.  Im just sayin

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Musuem

I took the kids to the science museum and we were in the pretty gem section.

The lights are dimmed, soft music is playing. All the lights are shining on the beautiful jewels. Every effort has been made by the museum to make this part the most beautiful area in the museum. Men are taking notes, admiring the beautiful rocks and Noah says "hey guys, can we get out of this dark creepy place?"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visits with Aunt Melanie

Honestly when I tell my sister we are coming to visit, I have no idea why her responce is not "Thats okay" or "gee I think I am busy"  but she likes to see us.  So we came over to visit Aunt Melanie, the event started with a sugar melt down.  I was a sweet Aunt/Mommy and I brought 3 cupcakes for the kids and made some cake pops for my sister.

Well we had to wait for my sister, so the cake pops melted.  Then we got in her car and they driped everywhere.  So she never got to see them this cute.  I acidently steped on the cupcakes, not totally but still it was a mess & I was thinking "why in the heck did I bring this stuff"

So we get to my sisters, the kids are running around everywhere, being silly kids.  Dancing, pretending like they are kissing ducks.  You know it was a mad house.  Two three year olds (almost 4) and a 5 year old.

We had a good time then it was time to leave.  Eli was hugging my sister and Noah reached over Eli to hug her and accidently grabbed her boob.  And he said "oh no I hit someone" then he said "oh I grabed Aunt Melanies boob"  My sister had a look of horror on her face and said "what just happened?"  And I said my famous last words "well on that note, we will see you soon"

then we ran screaming to the elevator

Do you have any times you feel like you want to melt into the floor?  What are they?


We went on a bike ride yesterday.  I was on my bike, Wes was on his bike pulling Eli behind him in the bike carrier, then Noah was on his bike.  Noah asked if we could stop for a water break.  At this point Eli asked his father if he could get out of the basket and run.  So when we started up again we had a jogger in out little pack. 

Now please visualise this:
You are the Lows man walking to your truck and you see:
A mom on a bike
A dad on a bike
A kid on a bike
the smallest child running

what would you think?
The Lows man said "what the?" and pointed to Eli
I said "marathon training" and he burst into laughter. 

How is it when you kid wants to do something odd, it ends up looking like you are the crazy one.  What do your kids do that make you look crazy?


It was 8:00 and Eli was still asleep.  We had to leave at 8:30.  So I went up stairs and dressed him. "Today's your Easter party" I said as I slipped his socks on.  No response. "We are going to have breakfast at your school" I said as I put his shorts on.  Still asleep, no response. "Noah is down stairs playing Indiana Jones, when your have brushed your teeth you can play too" .  Eyes fly open, jumps out of bed runs to bath room & brushes teeth.

The things that motivate us.  What motivates your kids?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lost in Translation

Gran - Hey Eli tell mom what you did tonight!

Eli - (facing me with grans black high heal on his hand, puts high heal on face) doo dee daaa (moves shoe to stomach) daa doo dee, (moves shoe to neck) dooo ah ehhh da

Gramps - Okay Noah its up to you to save the story

Any thing ever get lost in translation with your family?

Monday, April 18, 2011

How does it smell?

I got an awesome new smell from Bath & Body Works, its called Frosted Cupcake, and I love, love, love it.  I have a candle and some wall flowers down stairs.  Anyways I said "Hey guys how does the house smell?"  Eli said "wonderful, it smells like poop"  I looked at him crazy and said "what?" then he kind of laughed like he just realised I was not a boy or something and said "oh it smells wonderful."

What smell do you love?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Eli - Gran can I have another apple?
Gran - we dont have apples
Eli - yes you do mom stuck a whole bucket in the refrigerator
Gran - you mean strawberrys?
Eli - oh ya strawberrys

What fruit do you love?

Saturday, April 16, 2011


The letter T is like tee-tee

You can even say T-T and it sounds like Tee-Tee.  You know like when you go Tee-tee

That is all - Noah & Eli

Friday, April 15, 2011

It wasent me

There was a peroid of time where my youngest son was peeing on the floor and blaming the dog.  He would run into the room and say "MOM, come with me.  The dog PEEed on the floor"  He would grab me by the hand and take me to the pee spot.  Well the problem was the pee spot was too small to be the dogs, it was Elis pee spot.  We finally broke him of this.

So our new dog had an accident on the floor, he pooped.  Eli ran into the kitchen and said "GUYS REX POOPED!  REX.....It was not me, I SWEAR that I did not POOP on the floor"

I had to laugh, because I wonder how many people have gotten themselfs in a situation where they have to be specific that it was NOT them who used the bathroom on the floor

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whatever we want

Noah - Mom, when  you and dad go to heaven Eli and I will be here by ourselfs?
Me - Well...not exactly
Noah - No if you both go at the same time.  Then Eli and I can do whatever we want.  Eat candy....
Me - goofball
Do you love candy?  What kind?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Little Guy

Eli was in the tub and I said

"There is my little little guy who is getting too BIG!  Why are  you getting so big?"

Eli - Mom I have to get big so I can marry

Me - Oh great, just what I want

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am 30!!!!

I turn the big 3-0 today & my birthday party was over the weekend.  My mother did a fantastic job.  I told her what I wanted and she did it exactly. As you walked in you were greeted with balloons

And paper flowers

Then to the left was the silly picture room

Elvis and Marylin were able to make it to my 30th.  I was so excited to finally meet them.  After all I have visited Elivis home on more  than one occasion :)

Noah has the hang of the silly picture room.

hmm... I think we all have the hang of the silly picture room

I LOVE this one :)

Me & Mom

Me & Mary

Erin & I

Amy & I

Stephanie & I

The Girls

Emery & I

I LOVED the present table

Who doesnt love presents?
and flowers?  (yellow roses are my fav)
My stair case never looked so pretty

And I made this cute paper flower arrangement 

We had fajitas.  Mom made my table cloths

And she did FOOD lables for me!!!!  (Most people in my family think this is super silly, a waste of time and money.  I however think it makes a table)


And the best for last....CAKE!!!!

My Awesome Cake Lady Crystal made this cake for me
(Sugar Mama info: Everybody needs a Sugar Mama! I make custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies & cakeballs for any occasion from my home! Great quality, great prices, made with extra sweetness! I love seeing customers smile and making their event that much more special!

I love the way it looked all lit up :)  this is the last year we put all 30 candles on the cake

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tick-toc remix

For your viewing pleasure:

Where are my ears?

Noah had not been listening at school the past two days so I said here I have something for you.

 Then I reached into my pocket and acted like I was pulling a pair of ears out. 

I stuck them on his head and said "here they are! 

You will need these tomorrow, they are your listening ears"

He smiled like I was an idoit and told me he'd listen tomorrow

Sunday, April 10, 2011


One day my boys were taking a bath when Eli had bubbles come from his bottom.
Noah - Eli what was that?
Eli - I dont know Noah
Noah - did you vomit from your bottom
Eli - I dont think so
Eli - maybe I pooped
Noah - no...I dont see any.....maybe
Gran - he farted Noah, he farted from his bottom, thats what the bubbles were

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buying a house

On the way home Noah got very concerned about where he was going to live when he grew up.  He started asking all kinds of questions.  We explained to him that houses were always for sale and he and his future wife could buy a home.  And if they wanted there were homes close to us for sale.  We showed him several in the neighborhood.  One right across the street.

I opened the van door to get him out and he said "mom I am so worried about getting old"
I laughed "honey its okay"
Noah - "I just dont know where Im going to live or what Im going to do.  I better get across the street and buy that house before Eli buys it"
Wes - Noah maybe your should start putting your birthday money towards a house
Me - laughter

boys :)
DO you have a planner in your family?

Monday, April 4, 2011

His pet Ant

We recently had a death of a very close friend in our family.  I was telling my boys that Mr. John passed away and went to heaven.  My older little boy was immediatly concerned about his friend, he said "mom! where is Jacob? WHO IS PROTECTING JACOB?"  I said "his aunt is" then he started cracking up.  I said "whats so funny?"  he said "Jacob has a giant pet ant that protectes him?"  I said "no you goof ball,he has an aunt, like your aunt melanie, who protects him"

***On a sad note, our friend lost his three year battle to cancer.  He leaves behind two very small children and his beautiful wife, who is also my very dear friend.  The family has set up a fund for his wife and children.  If you would like to make a donation to the Laird Family it can be done at any chase bank. The John W Laird Fund Account Number: 918720111****Thank you****


We pulled up to church yesterday and Eli was "asleep" so I said "oh no Eli is asleep what are we going to do?"  So I picked him up and said "stand right here" he stood on the parking lot with his eyes shut.  Then his daddy said "come on, lets go" and then Eli proceded to walk with his eyes shut through the parking lot.  Triping on the curbs, running into barriers etc.

So once we are inside he is no longer holding his daddys hand, but hes still pretending hes "sleep walking" he ran into the wall.  We were cracking up.

Nothing like a show on the way to church