Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Micah's Baby Shower

My Third and Final Baby Shower

My mom and my grandmother and my friend Amy threw me a baby shower.  Michas room will be done in owls, so that was the theme of the shower.
The Food:

 I purchased this chocolate fountain after Christmas for $10, the best $10 I have ever spent, great for parties!
The entry way:
The owl frame:
each guest did their thumb print and wrote their name under their owl, then my mom made the thumb print look like an owl.

The Guest:
 (Memall, Stephanie, Juliette, Tracie, Gina, Me, Amy Mom)
  (Memall, Stephanie, Juliette, Tracie, Gina, Me, Amy, Mary)
 Georgia Girl and Me
 My grandmother and me
 My mom and I
 Tracie and I
 Stephanie, Juliette, Georgia and I
 Amy and I
Mary and I
The Presents:

I had two wonderful little helpers!

It was a great shower, cant wait for little Micah to get here.

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  1. The decorations and food setup looks amazing. All you ladies must have had a wonderful time at the shower. I have lovely memories from my baby shower a few months ago. My mom and sister had arranged the shower at one of the beautiful event halls for rent, and I got lots of cool gifts. Now that I’ve welcomed my baby boy into the world, I eagerly wait for his 1st birthday.