Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Noah's 6th Birthday

Mad Scientist Birthday Party
My oldest son just turned 6. (What is going on?)  We had a fun mad scientist party for his birthday.  It was a hit!

Purpose: Noah Murdock’s 6th Birthday Party
                    Hypothesis: Mad Scientist parties are more fun.
Information: Rsvp to

I put this in a word document and sent it to our local printing company.  Very inexpensive invitations & he loved them, he thought they were so funny.  Now its party time!

When the children arrived they each were given a lab coat (a white t-shirt cut down the middle) a radio-active science badge, a bow tie & safety goggles
Then it was time to do experiments.  I had everything pre-measured, which made things so much easier. 
We did 6 experiments.

The first was poloymer squares, or silly squares, we put the dehydrated silly squares in our test tubes and set them aside to look at, at the very end of the party.  I also had some in a test tube that I had hydrated the night before so they could see how big they get.
Next we mixed our goo.  I found some goo kits in Targets dollar bin.  There are recipes for home made goo at Steve Spangler Science as well as tons of other cool ideas, the good just intimidated me for some reason, so I was glad to have a kit.

Insta Snow!  This stuff is so cool.  I had bought some around Christmas time & the kids love to play with it.  I pre measured one scoop in each test tube, then the kids dumped it on to a plate & added the pre-measured water.  They were amazed when it grew! 

Lava Lamps.  This one was my favorite.  You have your test tube filled 3/4 of the way with cooking oil, then you fill the other 1/3 with water (oil and water were pre-measured so they just added to the test tube)  Then each child adds food coloring.  You talk about whats going on, why are the oil and water not mixing.  Then each child had an alka seltzer broke into four pieces.  You add one pieces at a time and it makes a lava lamp!  So cool.
I thought we would finish the indoor science experiments with a messy one.  Test tube volcanos

Each test tube was pre-filled with colored vinegar, we gave each child a plate and had them hold the test tube over the plate as they added the baking soda.  Lots of "cool" and "wows!" were heard.  Then we all washed our hands and headed out side for the BIG grand finally.
Mentos and Coke

I should have had several bottles of diet coke and mentos for this.  After this one the kids started yelling "do it again! do it again!"  But we couldn't

I made his cake in the shape of a Volcano & cut out room for a cup (plastic) then we added dry ice and warm water.  The kids thought this was so awesome!  And it was easy to make.

This science party was a hit!

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  1. This is adorable! I am your newest follower. We have a link party going on right now-- stop in and link up. I think others would LOVE this!

  2. This is so much fun! Reminds me of being a kid! I loved stuff like this! So creative and I can tell the kids loved it! Plus I learned a new trick with the mentos and coke! Awesome!

    Thanks for linking up to Naturally-Nifty Linky Party #1!