Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cooking with Miss Kay - Nutty Good Oatmeal Cookies

My mom called and she needed to put together some marketing baskets for her work.  I decided to help her and I whipped together some of Miss Kay's Nutty Good Oatmeal Cookies (Page 78)
These were easy to make.  No harder than a normal cookie recipe.
I doubled the recipe, risky I guess, because I had not tried them.  But so far Miss Kay has not let me down.  EVERYTHING has been good, really good. 
So I made 7 dozen.
15 minutes later....
They turned out great, some were a little flatter than others, but I think that's because I did not get all the butter fully mixed in everywhere.  It is a very thick batter.
In the morning I bagged them up, and I had a thief.  That's always a good sign.  (He has to double fist his cookies, and his biscuits, get the idea, anything)
Miss Kay recommends keeping a full cookie jar, I'm not sure about this.  I don't know anyone who does this.  I thought cookie jars were just for decoration.  Its not air tight.  But I figured, what the heck.  I'll give it a shot.
I did give people a heads up.  "Hey, there are now cookies in the cookie jar"  I'm sure my husband is in shock, or not sure whats going on.  I can see this turning in to the biscuit ordeal I have gotten my self into.  Every day Eli asks me to make more biscuits.  I am going to try to make some this afternoon....maybe I should double or triple that recipe....give myself a few days off from biscuit making.
Someone has figured out I keep cookies in the cookie jar.  And he lets me know through a series of grunts what he wants.  On another note, my mom took the cookies out on her marketing calls & she told her potential customers that her daughter had made these cookies from Miss Kay's cook book.  She said people were in love with them before they ate them "Miss Kay!  Oh I know I will like these."  "What a great Christmas present idea" (the cook book)  I'm so happy everyone liked them!

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