Saturday, August 29, 2015

Surprise! We are going to Disney.

We decided to surprise the kids with a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.  I did a ton of prep work for the Vacation.  I ordered the Passporter, which I highly recommend.  It has a ton of useful information, plus tabs and pages for you to plan your vacation and store all of your reservations.

I made the kids their own travel journal to fill out while on the plane and each night in Disney.  They can re-cap their day & remember it later.  It can be printed out from here.
We have this fun Disney bingo game for while we are waiting for the plane & on the plane.
I hit up the goody bag section of party city and made a great air plane bag.  It's all Mikey Mouse themed.  Pens, crayons, coloring sheets, and more.  A great place to make a fun air plane bag.  Sorry I'm not a great blog photographer, but you get the idea.

We packed in secret two weeks in advance, hoping that we could pull this off and that they would not know until the morning that we left for our trip.  Of course, I had to make us custom luggage tags.

I really never thought we would keep the secret this long.  The night before they had no idea.  Noah was asking me "what's for breakfast" and "would school be hard tomorrow?" "Were we going on field trips". So crazy.

All of my prep work was for this moment, the surprise.  I wrote the boys a letter from Mickey Mouse you can down load a Disney font and it looks like its from the Mouse him self.

Then it was off to the air port.  This was where it started to sink in.  "We are really going?  This was not a prank?"

When we landed I asked "can you handle another surprise?"  Noah said "you are going to kill us with all of these surprises.  We grabbed our luggage and walked out to the limo that Wes and I had rented.

"What is going on???"

And then to the hotel where we unpacked and looked around.  It has some beautiful pools.

And we took a swan shaped paddle boat out.

(View of the hotel)

Our first night we had dinner at English blue Zoo.  

I was channelling my inner Belle.

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary while we are here.

So super excited & no idea how I got that huge bruise.  But what I do know is that I am going to sleep!!!   

See you tomorrow!!!

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