Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Impromptu Jam Session

Impromptu Jam Session
I love watching the kids play.  We got the older boys guitars and a microphone and amp for Christmas.  Anyways it was out of batteries and I had replaced them because I thought Micah would really like it.
Sure enough, I was right
I forget how this happened exactly, I assume Noah brought out the microphone and got Micah set up.  He was singing (Rarararara) lol
He loves his big brother

 Then E came out to join us. No group is complete unless someone is wearing a cape
In these photos Eli reminds me of a real rocker.  Goof ball
Action shot



And this was our Impromptu Jam Session, it was fun.  I hope we have another one soon.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playing Vet

We are back to school full time as of yesterday & I decided to set up one fun activity to do a day with Micah.
In the morning I got out his patients, an ear checker, a nose sucker and a thermometer.  The older boys were busy and Micah was interested but spent a lot of time just chasing around the light on the floor from the ear checker.
I put everthing up and laid him down for nap.  when I got him up, I noticed Eli had gotten everything out again...and more
He got band aids (duck dynasty of course) a hair brush, thermometer, q-tips and the ear checker thing.

The Q-Tips did make me nervous but I decided to sit down and just watch them play, that way I could intervene if needed

This time, he was much more involved, he is checking the ear here (you cant really see the tool)

Taking penguins temp

It was cute & fun and I was glad to revisit the vet office in play.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Funny Joke

Yesterday I went out back to care for my 16 rabbits.  I came back in to the back door and tried to open it.  It was locked "This is odd" I thought.  I went to the front door, the boys were out on the front porch.  It was locked too. "What is going on" I thought.  About this time, I look at Noah and say "Did you lock the door?" confused.  He said "yes, but don't worry I have the key"
And he holds up, the key to the Pearland house.  The wrong key.
I said "Noah, that is not the right key"
"Yes it is mom, it fits"
"It may fit, but it wont open it" 
Well it didn't open, and we sat out side from 2:30 to 7:00 when Wes got home.
Luckily I keep a dirty car.  We found a cup and used to hose so the baby had plenty of water & we hosed him down.  Awesome day for Wes to work late.
I go inside to my phone and I had 11 missed calls and text messages along the lines of "are you guys still alive?"

Then I go to give the baby a bath and someone had locked MY bedroom door.  I about lost it.  My door was quickly unlocked.

Lesson learned, everyone has a key now.

Here is Noah recapping the whole thing for you

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

......been too gone for too long

Yes we have.  I just recently got internet back and I don't really know where to start catching up on the blog.  I had been pretty regular on my postings.  I will do a quick (somewhat) recap.
I took the kids to a smoothie shop for a smoothie and there was the poster on the wall.  Eli was refusing to drink a shake because he was worried that after drinking it he would look like the man on the poster.  I assured him that he would not, and I had to have the man who made the smoothies reassure him as well. Eli said "they should really take that down, I bet he scares a lot of people who come in here"  lol.

Eli turned 6 and I was going to make him a cool cake.  FAIL.  the good thing?  It tasted awesome
We took the boys and a friend to pleasure pier, where they had a blast

When you share a birthday month you have to have a cousin party
We shocked all of America (just kidding, mostly our facebook friends)
when we moved from our Suburb life ......
To our country life
(closing in a super stupidly oversized couch/bed)

we got to work painting


Having family time
picking berries that were growing in our back yard

Our furniture was delivered

we got some cats, who's names have changed and no longer look like this
Snake bite & Cobra
Started unpacking - downsizing is difficult.....
trying to find a spot for everything

Got my clothes line up
Started raising rabbits


Mrs. Big guys babies
Bunny fun

Snake bite

We had some summer fun
Father's day
Beach days

Date Nights
Educational experiences
(when the moon was closest to earth)
 and fun

That was my not so fast re-cap.  Stay tuned as things return to our normal.