Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playing Vet

We are back to school full time as of yesterday & I decided to set up one fun activity to do a day with Micah.
In the morning I got out his patients, an ear checker, a nose sucker and a thermometer.  The older boys were busy and Micah was interested but spent a lot of time just chasing around the light on the floor from the ear checker.
I put everthing up and laid him down for nap.  when I got him up, I noticed Eli had gotten everything out again...and more
He got band aids (duck dynasty of course) a hair brush, thermometer, q-tips and the ear checker thing.

The Q-Tips did make me nervous but I decided to sit down and just watch them play, that way I could intervene if needed

This time, he was much more involved, he is checking the ear here (you cant really see the tool)

Taking penguins temp

It was cute & fun and I was glad to revisit the vet office in play.


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