About Me

Are you in debt? 
The average American has $15,000 dollars of credit card debt.  Follow along, or join us as we cut our yearly budget by $13,056.  And our ultimate goal?  Cutting our debt by $87,000.00 dollars (Search Tags: Finances, debt, savings, budget) Is it possible to cut my budget by $25K a year?

Are you a home schooling parent or new to home schooling?  
Our family has been home schooling for 3 years and I will share some of the frustrations, answer questions and share our weekly activities. (search tags: homeschooling, home schooling)
Are you a Christian?  
Are you tired?  
You may be interested in finding rest, be sure to check out those post when they come.
 (In the works now) (Search tags: spiritual journey)

Do you love animals? 
 I do too.  We started homesteading about a year & a half ago.  You will be able to read about our success and struggles here.  Like the time a duck had spa treatment for a week, or when my hen wouldn't sit on her eggs. (search tags: homesteading)

10 Random things about me.
1) I used to be a receptionist
2) I have had 3 businesses
3) I love costumes.  (seriously)
4) I do things BIG.  I took the saying 
"go big or go home" to heart.  Who wants to go home?
5)  I love Texas
6)  I am the oldest child.
7)  I have a husband and 3 sons
8) I think all things are possible
9) I color my hair
10)  I will try most things

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