Saturday, September 5, 2015

Magic Kingdom - Day 1

We had such a wonderful time today.  We arrived at the Magic Kingdom and had a character breakfast at the Crystal Palace.

It was a really good Buffett.  After we had seen all of the characters we headed out in to the park.  We started out in Tomorrow Land, then on to fantasy land. My favorite ride there was The seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  I am so impressed how every detail is remembered.

For lunch we ate at Be Our Guest. It was okay.  It was not really what I was expecting.  For as fancy as the Resturant is, I thought the food would be better.  It's pretty much sandwiches.  But the presentation is nice.

It was recommended that we fast pass Enchanted Tales With Bell.  I am so glad we did.  I highly recommend this one.  My husband and both kids got a part & they absolutely loved it.

We started calling Eli the ultimate tourist.  He pretty much spent all of his soy inert money the first day.  Noah & Wes took up pin trading.  I booked us to watch the fire works at wishes dessert party.  It's an all you can eat dessert buffet with an awesome view of the fireworks.  

After that we headed back to the hotel, exhausted.  Ready for tomorrow. 

Total steps for today - 19,704.  About 7 miles!!!

This is where we got inspiration for our Magic Kingdom touring plan.

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