Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Noah got this fun Crystal making kit for his birthday
 we mixed our solution
 poured our mixture

Mixed our colors
and in 4 days we had CRYSTALS!!!!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Mr. Big Guy

Meet Mr. Big Guy

Mr. Big Guy was found in my step dads co-workers front yard.  And then I was called, because everyone knows that I am sucker for strays.  Which I don't think is a bad thing.

So I made a trip to Houston at 6 am to pick him up
 We brought him home, and named him Mr. Big Guy

He is a sweet heart.  You can tell he had a good home & I bet they miss him.

But we love him now

Welcome Home Mr. Big Guy!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Birthday Party

This is a BIG party.  Baby is turning ONE!!!!  I cant believe it.  It seems like I just had him & now he is ONE!!!!!  Two of our sons have birthdays in February.  We took our older son to see the Moody Garden Penguins, in exchange we told him, that was his party. 
 BUT I guess im a softy, so I told him that he and Micah's party would be together, but it was mostly Micah's party.
Micah's party has an "UP" theme,
 this will be in the kitchen & Noah's theme is Penguins & will be in the living room.
Okay, lets get started.  I had an idea I got of of Pintrest to do a giant #1 cake, frost it with white frosting & then line it with M&M's
Click Here - for detailed cake instructions
Now to do the kitchen.  I wanted to create a fun colorful kitchen, that would give the "UP" theme.
And hung above the table


In the living room we did a penguin theme
 I cut out tons of snow flakes
displayed our penguin paintings
 the entry way
our milk jug igloo
 Aunt Melanie and Micah
 Mel and Me
 My family

 Happy Birthday!!!
 time for cake
 First birthday cake

family picture


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Babys Cake

I saw a really cute idea on how to make a cake with colored cake balls in the middle.
First I dyed white cake mix


Then I used my cake ball maker to make cake balls.  I under cooked them so that they could be cooked in the cake
I then added the cake to a large cake pan
Then I added colored cake balls
Covered with cake mix


 And baked
Once it was baked and cooled I cut into a 1 shape

I sliced some of the extra open so you could see how neat it was!


I then frosted it and lined with M&M's

Fun first birthday cake