Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daddy's Piercings

Last night my son had drawn a picture that said "Please send a snack with me to school"  and then he had drawn this goofy looking man at the bottom that had earrings and a beard.  And I reached in to his bag and said "Should I write a note that says "N.  I packed you a snack, check your back pack?"  Then I said "And that man looks a lot like your daddy looked when I met him"  So N runs up stairs and shows his daddy the picture.  My husband gets all nostalgic and runs to the garage and finds his old ear rings (which I was not aware he still had them)  This is what happens next:

He calls N. in to the room and has this thing stuck in his nose

N thinks this is hysterical so he sticks it in his nose
We had asked him to give us his tough face, and we got this
He was aware that was not a very tough looking face
So he tried again
The thing kept falling out of his nose
It was pretty funny, he got to hear about how daddy used to be able to stick a glow stick threw his ear.  (I don't remember what size gauge it was, but it is now closed)  After all the fun of sticking an earring in their noses, the ring was returned to its special place.  But it was a good 10 min of fun.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Make your own ice cream sandwich

I was so excited when I came down stairs this morning and saw my mom had dropped of an early birthday present for me.  My very own ice cream sandwich maker.  I had seen it featured on bakerella

So after dropping N off at school, I ran to the store and picked up everything needed to make some ice cream sandwiches when he got home.
Ice cream, Sandwich Makers, and cookies.  I picked up the soft kind from the bakery section so they would be easy to cut.  I let the kids do this pretty much unassisted and they were pros at it

Cutting his cookie

Filling with ice cream

So cute and fun!  Circles, Stars, Hearts.  Oh My!

Cheers to Ice Cream!!!!

Buster the Dog helps with Laundry

 Since having the baby, I have done a load of laundry almost every day, so the clothes are clean.  But then they get thrown on the bed in the guest room.  So I have about two weeks of clothes on the bed.  Or I did.  Yesterday Buster (aka E.) helped me sort the clothes.  (see his tail in the above picture)

I would say, "okay Buster get me all the towels."  "Now lets find Eli's clothes" etc, etc until all the clothes were sorted and then Buster and I took them all up stairs.  Yes all of the clothing was put in his mouth, but in the big scheme of things I figured it was fine.  And now all the clothes are upstairs.  Some of them are put away 
And who could pass up such a cute puppy?

Homemade Lava Lamps

With the new baby at home we have been looking for fun ideas of things to do while I feed the baby.  Today I set up a lava lamp station

Items used: Tube Rack, Oil, Water, food coloring, alka seltzer.
First E filled the tubes 3/4 of the way with oil, then he filled the remaining 1/3 of the tube with water.  Then in each tube E added food coloring (the more the better)  In a petri dish I had broken each alka seltzer into 4 pieces.  He added one piece at a time and watched his "lava lamp" until each piece was dissolved.

Yellow, Red, Blue and Green Lava Lamps!

This kept him busy long enough to feed the baby, and what fun!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Last night we had a glow in the dark egg hunt.  It was so much fun!!!  Once agian this awesome idea was inspired by The Play At Home Mom.

We took a package of easer eggs & I put submergable led lights in each egg.  This will be nice because after Easter I can used the submergable lights for bath time fun and other science type things.

It was taking too long to get dark so we hid the eggs in side.  Its so hard to get good pictures of how awesome this looks in the dark, if anyone has tips please let me know.

Looking at eggs

So excited to hunt eggs!  (We did this three times.)

I loved the look on her face

Faces lit up by the glow of Easter eggs

Updated 4/6/12

Here are some more pictures from tonights hunt

I am finally figuring out everything my camera can do (slowly)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dino Fun

I set up this fun dinosaur activity for my son and his friend today.

The original idea can be found here, from Play at home mom.

Two dinosaur discovery trays with big dinosaurs to play with.

Rarr!!!  Dinosaur with Dinosaur eggs to dig excavate.
Each tray included dino eggs (with dinosaurs inside) cloud dough, trees, a momma dinosaur & a nest

To make my dough I used
  • 1 C flour

  • 3/4 C salt

  • add water until a dough forms

  • form eggs around dinosaurs (they were in the Easter section for super cheep)

  • let dry for a few days (mine dryed a week and a half)

  • E wanted his dinosaur to take a bath.
    Magnifying glass, screw driver to digg dino eggs & hammer
    Digging his dinosaur out

    Fun Dinosaur activity!!!!  He asked if we could do it again soon

    Friday, March 16, 2012

    Happy Mail

    I had seen on pintrest this cool page called 13oz or less, where you can mail all kinds of weird things that are 13 oz or less, it looked like fun. So I got 12 jumbo Easter eggs, filled them with jelly beans & mailed them out
     They made me happy just to look at them!
    So the boys and I went to the post office, weighed the eggs & mailed them out.
    Then the calls started coming in
    "This is so cute!"
    "What a great idea"
    "Hey Laura...did you mail me an egg?" LOL (that was my favorite comment (Michael)
    (two egg recipents)
    Out of everyone I mailed it to, only one person had some issues the mail man charged them more to receive the egg, and I have no idea why.  No one else had any issues.  My brothers egg was damaged, so if you do this mail them locally, I guess eggs were not meant to travel cross country :)

    (0ne very happy egg recipent)

    The Naked Egg

    When I was little we called this making a rubber egg, I found it on pintrest referred to as a "naked egg"  Because my boys like potty humor I asked them if they would like to make a naked egg.  Of course they thought this was hilarious and wanted to know what I was talking about.

    We got 4 eggs, two for each boy, and soaked them in vinegar
    Immedatly the questions started "Mom what are the bubbles doing?  Are they eating the shell?  Is that how the egg will be naked?"  I was not expecting the questions to start until the eggs were "naked" so I was very excited at their curiosity

    Now to wait....what happens next?

    One egg broke while we were waiting for it to become we had 3 eggs

    Touching the eggs.  How do they feel?  What happened to the shell?
    What else can we do with them?
     Poke them?  Lets bounce them!
    oops too high!
    This was fun!  We will do it again for sure!

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Glow baby glow!

    Tonight we had fun with glow vinegar and glow beads. I got the idea from a cool web site called the play at home mom

    I set up the activity for the kiddos
    The activity included 4 test tubes with glow vinegar, two jars of glow vinegar, and two containers of glow beads, and a  black light.  To make glow vinegar you first make glow water.

    Glow water: fill a container of water & soak a green or yellow highlighter in it until highlighter is clear (the orange did not glow in the dark).  Add a very small amount of glow water to your vinegar.  It can be very, very diluted and it will still glow.  

    Adding baking powder
    wow look at that mom!  How did you make it glow?
    Elis turn!
    Now its time to play with glow beads to make glow beads you
    soak your polymer beads in the glow water (found in the floral section at walmart)
     We ran them down our hot wheel tracks for extra fun, we also took turns just bouncing these in to the container
    My kiddos hands
    daddy's hand.

    It was a fun glow in the dark adventure for all!