Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Mail

I had seen on pintrest this cool page called 13oz or less, where you can mail all kinds of weird things that are 13 oz or less, it looked like fun. So I got 12 jumbo Easter eggs, filled them with jelly beans & mailed them out
 They made me happy just to look at them!
So the boys and I went to the post office, weighed the eggs & mailed them out.
Then the calls started coming in
"This is so cute!"
"What a great idea"
"Hey Laura...did you mail me an egg?" LOL (that was my favorite comment (Michael)
(two egg recipents)
Out of everyone I mailed it to, only one person had some issues the mail man charged them more to receive the egg, and I have no idea why.  No one else had any issues.  My brothers egg was damaged, so if you do this mail them locally, I guess eggs were not meant to travel cross country :)

(0ne very happy egg recipent)

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