Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daddy's Piercings

Last night my son had drawn a picture that said "Please send a snack with me to school"  and then he had drawn this goofy looking man at the bottom that had earrings and a beard.  And I reached in to his bag and said "Should I write a note that says "N.  I packed you a snack, check your back pack?"  Then I said "And that man looks a lot like your daddy looked when I met him"  So N runs up stairs and shows his daddy the picture.  My husband gets all nostalgic and runs to the garage and finds his old ear rings (which I was not aware he still had them)  This is what happens next:

He calls N. in to the room and has this thing stuck in his nose

N thinks this is hysterical so he sticks it in his nose
We had asked him to give us his tough face, and we got this
He was aware that was not a very tough looking face
So he tried again
The thing kept falling out of his nose
It was pretty funny, he got to hear about how daddy used to be able to stick a glow stick threw his ear.  (I don't remember what size gauge it was, but it is now closed)  After all the fun of sticking an earring in their noses, the ring was returned to its special place.  But it was a good 10 min of fun.


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