Friday, March 23, 2012

Dino Fun

I set up this fun dinosaur activity for my son and his friend today.

The original idea can be found here, from Play at home mom.

Two dinosaur discovery trays with big dinosaurs to play with.

Rarr!!!  Dinosaur with Dinosaur eggs to dig excavate.
Each tray included dino eggs (with dinosaurs inside) cloud dough, trees, a momma dinosaur & a nest

To make my dough I used
  • 1 C flour

  • 3/4 C salt

  • add water until a dough forms

  • form eggs around dinosaurs (they were in the Easter section for super cheep)

  • let dry for a few days (mine dryed a week and a half)

  • E wanted his dinosaur to take a bath.
    Magnifying glass, screw driver to digg dino eggs & hammer
    Digging his dinosaur out

    Fun Dinosaur activity!!!!  He asked if we could do it again soon

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