Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mom...Im Bored

I get so tired of hearing that they are bored, when there is so much to do!!!!!  So I made several activity list; an indoor activity list, an out door activity list, a parent permission activity list, a family activity list, an art activity list and a night time fun activity list.  The indoor and art list work the same way they do at school.  They have a clothes pin with their name and they move it to the activity or "center" then they play there for at least 30 min before moving to the next "center".  They must clean the center before moving.  I have word documents  I will try to upload later :)
Family Things to do Click Here For Word Doc
Go to a Ball Game
Geo Catching                                                 
Boat Ride 
Visit A Farm                                                        
Go to A museum
Go Camping                                                             
Go to the Beach 
Summer Reading Program
Board Games
Play Ground
Movie and Pop Corn Night 
Feed the Ducks        


Foose ball
Air hockey
 Kitchen pretend play  
Light bright
Super Heros
Army Men
 Light Box     
 Hot Wheels      
Free Choice

Out door activities - Doc 1 Doc 2 Doc 3
Make a Water Pinata    
Play in the Kid Car Wash
Paint a Mural
Spray Tag        
Water Balloons
Stepping Stones
Play Hole In one (Frisbee pool sponges)
Play with Colored Ice In swimming pool
Play will it sink or Float                         
Sponge Toss (two buckets, car sponge)  
make Tye Die Wall                           
Frog Hunt             
Make Garden Tralis
Toy Car wash                                                                                                  
Wash Moms Car
 Wash Dogs                                                                                                         
Penny Race
 Treasure Hunt                                                                  
 Free Play
Make Leaf Rubbing                                                                      
Collect Pine Cones
Make a Collage                                                                                              
Build a Fort
Have a Picnic                                                                   
Draw your house from the out side                 
Play soccer                                                                      
Find 10 Different kinds of Flowers
 Go Swimming                                                                    
Fly paper Air Planes
Hide and Seek                                                               
Obstacle Course Day
 Play in the Rain                                                                 
Play In the Mud
Paint Rocks     
Play in Sprinklers
 Hop Scotch        

Parent Permission Things To do Click Here for Word Document
Make Dinner For your Family                                                                  
Bake Cookies                                                                                 
Start A Band                                                                                  
Lemonade Stand                                        
Make A Movie                                                                                            
Tie- Die t-shirts                                         
Pillow Fight                                                                                                 
Make a Volcano                                                                
Dance Party       


Art Station things to do: Click here for word document
Googlie eye craft                                                                     
Pipe cleaner fun
 Silly puddy                                                               
Foam crafts
 Play dou                                                                                   
 Cut and glue                                                                              
Moon Sand
Construction Paper
 Gemstone craft                                                                   
Stick craft
Night Time Fun
 Flash Light Tag
Star Gazing                                                                                        
Make Shadow Puppets

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For the love of Pintrest

I have had so much fun finding and doing crafts on pintrest.  If you are not familiar with pintrest, its an online virtual pin board.  Its similar to finding things you like in a magazine, but you are able to organize them in to categories and come back later to find them.  Here are a few things we did over Christmas:

Made Santa Hats & Beards

Decorated our doors (idea found on pintrest

 Played with Insta Snow (

We have had such a fun Christmas!  And now there are only 5 days left!!!!!  The excitement is killing me :)

Friday, December 16, 2011


My kids love Christmas, and they LOVE their school Christmas parties.  A few years back Noah and I were waiting for his teacher to arrive to school & he was telling me all about how the day was going to go down

Noah - Mom today there are three rules (holds up finger)
Rule #1 - No nap today
Rule #2 - We party all day
Rule # 3 - We play all day

Me - Really? Why dont you run that by your teacher

Noah - (sheepishly) Do we have to nap today?

Teacher - Yes noah, but you will be exauseted by nap time


Wishing you a great party day

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas

Last December we were walking in the Mall and this man started talking to my boys
man - What do you think Santa is going to bring you for Christmas?
Eli - Nothing, we haven't been very good this year
Man - Laughter