Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Konos - Sensory

We continued to concentrate on our senses this week and vision.  We talked more about how the eye works and we did fun things INCULDING finger painting
I love paint, all the bright colors

mixed together

Eli did several cool designs

During activities like this, we talk about the senses, what senses is this activity using?
sight, touch, smell

This week we also talked about the 6th sense, and if they think it exist or not.
Both boys said NO!!!
What do you think?  Do you believe in a 6th sense?


Monday, January 28, 2013

Friends Since We Were Five

I have a life long friend who I met in Kindergarten.  We met in Mrs. Hardin's class.  I don't remember many of my teachers names, but I remember her.  Erin and I have now been friends for 27 years.
She had her first child and I had my last child about a month apart.
Isnt that hat adorable?
Her son had an adorable mustache party.

And of course we had to properly utilize the cup cake d├ęcor.

And this is what we are like, even when we go out.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Family Night

I just found this really, really awesome blog that I am in LOVE with called Love Actually.  She gives really, really great date night ideas and most of the include printable for FREE!!!  I was planning out date nights for Wes and I and I thought "some of these can be done as a family"  Then Murdock's House of Laughter was born.
Noah asked me to make the sign, it says "Welcome to Murdock's House Of Laughs"
He was going to color it in for me.

I loved what he did, he added some pictures as well as some words. 
Now it says "Welcome to: Noah and Eli Murdock's House of Love and Laughs"
It made me so happy that he thinks of our home as a house of love.  That's how I want him to think of it, and I am so happy he does.
So on schedule for comedy night was hamburgers and fries, then we did mad libs.  And um...we had a total mad libs disaster.  When I do mad libs I look at the blank and I say "noun" "verb" "famous person" etc.  I don't read the sentence.  That would defeat the whole purpose right? Right.
Well I started reading this mad lib and all of a sudden, it felt very inappropriate.  But it was on TOTAL accident.  I swear I don't know how this stuff happens to me.
Here it is:

This was the last mad lib we did for the evening, lol.  Then we watched some Americas Funniest Home videos and they jumped in bed.  It was a great family night.

Learning about the eye

We recently did a KONOS unit on the eye.  I was a little nervous about this whole cow's eye thing, but it went off with out a hitch.
First I drew this diagram of the eye on our white board.
We went over the parts of the eye and what they do

Each child wrote it down on their work sheet & we discussed it
Now it was time to actually see what we were talking about.  I did not get to take pictures, because my hands were pretty gross, Eli did the honors.  And there's just a few good ones :) (scroll fast if your squeamish, but its not really that bad)

We went step by step and talked and looked at everything I had just showed them about the eye.  The cows eye is very close to the human eye.
Then we went to the health museum.  I work this in to our lessons by taking them to the exact part of the body we are learning about.  We do the full display & then look at other things that interest us.
This is the eye from the out side

Now we are inside the eye.  In the above picture Noah is doing an interactive question series on the eye.

Here are eye lenses, you can see what it would be like to have different eye diseases.

This is the back of the eye, what it looks like from the inside.
Pretty fun!  What techniques do you use when learning about the body?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tv Stars

I recently found out about an opportunity to be in a "local mom" grocery store TV commercial.  If you are picked, you get a gift card to the store.  The gift card would cover groceries for a month.  So of course in typical Laura fashion I emailed to see how to get an interview spot.  I was emailed back VERY promptly & I scheduled my time.
Then I looked at my husband and said "Well the kids and I have an audition on Wednesday" He laughed.  I said "What?  you don't believe me?"  He said "Oh I believe you."  So we go today, wish us luck.  I know we have dashing personalities and all but they have interviews set up every 10 min for 9 days.  So, figure those odds.
Wish us luck & lets hope no one actually "breaks a leg"


It went well, it was very fast & she seemed to like us.  She said "There is a lot here we can use, you should hear back from us in two weeks"

So fingers crossed!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Babys Play Room

After Christmas I did some re-arranging.  The front room which is intended to be the formal dining room, but has never been used as such. I made this the baby's play room & my art room.  Its 90% baby play room and 10% my art room.  Its like a giant play pen.  He loves it, I love it.  All around win.
When you enter you are greeted by this cute little house "Come Play"

The first two shelf's on the book shelf are all baby friendly, top shelf's are mommy's crafts.

Toys, desk.  I know your thinking "that's a crap load of toys"  I have really, really good friends.  Most of this was given to me by mommies who's kids out grew it & will be gifted on when little guy out grows it.  We like to "pass it on" around here


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homeschool Room Lay out.

We started homeschooling in September.  It has been an evolving process.  We recently started the Konos curriculum which is Unit studies.  So instead of doing school at home, I decided a more hands on lay out would work.  The first thing I did was get rid of everyone having their own desk.
This U shape is more conductive to this.  In the back we have our long term science projects.  Right now we are breeding Mollys
So our Molly station is in the far back, it consist of two aquariums and smaller "isolation tanks" for our mommys

 To the left is the Science table.  I have some science things set out at all times, they change but currently we have our anatomy puzzles
Our forensic science kit

Rocks and shells

 With Konos you add Math and Phonics, I have a dedicated math table where we do all math


Out side of the U I have our animal station.  We keep our garble and hamster there as well as one aquarium with our turtles.
How is your room set up?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Breeding Mollys

I just found this AWESOME blog called Living life Intentionally, she did guppy breading with her kids.  If you know me, you know I love animals and this was totally up my ally.  I happened to have everything but the fish ready
We set up the tank and the water & I made their Molly journal.

We observe the tank, think of questions and then Google to find the answer.  So far we think one is pregnant.  We have our Mommy isolation tanks ready!  (where are those for human mommy's?  Sometimes I need one!)
This picture makes me laugh, we have two pet turtles, and I moved the molly tank in front of the turtle tank so we could see the Mollys better.  The turtles swim up to the glass like "hey let me at those fish!!"  So if you were worried they are NOT in the same tank.
I will keep you updated on our success!