Friday, January 25, 2013

Family Night

I just found this really, really awesome blog that I am in LOVE with called Love Actually.  She gives really, really great date night ideas and most of the include printable for FREE!!!  I was planning out date nights for Wes and I and I thought "some of these can be done as a family"  Then Murdock's House of Laughter was born.
Noah asked me to make the sign, it says "Welcome to Murdock's House Of Laughs"
He was going to color it in for me.

I loved what he did, he added some pictures as well as some words. 
Now it says "Welcome to: Noah and Eli Murdock's House of Love and Laughs"
It made me so happy that he thinks of our home as a house of love.  That's how I want him to think of it, and I am so happy he does.
So on schedule for comedy night was hamburgers and fries, then we did mad libs.  And um...we had a total mad libs disaster.  When I do mad libs I look at the blank and I say "noun" "verb" "famous person" etc.  I don't read the sentence.  That would defeat the whole purpose right? Right.
Well I started reading this mad lib and all of a sudden, it felt very inappropriate.  But it was on TOTAL accident.  I swear I don't know how this stuff happens to me.
Here it is:

This was the last mad lib we did for the evening, lol.  Then we watched some Americas Funniest Home videos and they jumped in bed.  It was a great family night.

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