Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homeschool Room Lay out.

We started homeschooling in September.  It has been an evolving process.  We recently started the Konos curriculum which is Unit studies.  So instead of doing school at home, I decided a more hands on lay out would work.  The first thing I did was get rid of everyone having their own desk.
This U shape is more conductive to this.  In the back we have our long term science projects.  Right now we are breeding Mollys
So our Molly station is in the far back, it consist of two aquariums and smaller "isolation tanks" for our mommys

 To the left is the Science table.  I have some science things set out at all times, they change but currently we have our anatomy puzzles
Our forensic science kit

Rocks and shells

 With Konos you add Math and Phonics, I have a dedicated math table where we do all math


Out side of the U I have our animal station.  We keep our garble and hamster there as well as one aquarium with our turtles.
How is your room set up?

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  1. Cool! I have tried to have a school room, but my children never seem to want to work in it. So we do school all over the house and they carry their lap tables around for paperwork. Arts and crafts are in the hallway for elbow room or the kitchen table. I love the idea of a science corner, though...