Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tv Stars

I recently found out about an opportunity to be in a "local mom" grocery store TV commercial.  If you are picked, you get a gift card to the store.  The gift card would cover groceries for a month.  So of course in typical Laura fashion I emailed to see how to get an interview spot.  I was emailed back VERY promptly & I scheduled my time.
Then I looked at my husband and said "Well the kids and I have an audition on Wednesday" He laughed.  I said "What?  you don't believe me?"  He said "Oh I believe you."  So we go today, wish us luck.  I know we have dashing personalities and all but they have interviews set up every 10 min for 9 days.  So, figure those odds.
Wish us luck & lets hope no one actually "breaks a leg"


It went well, it was very fast & she seemed to like us.  She said "There is a lot here we can use, you should hear back from us in two weeks"

So fingers crossed!

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