Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We started a new unit this week on attentiveness, using the Konos curriculum.  I absolutely love it.  I feel like the children have learned so much in two days.  Konos teaches a character trait and incorporates bible lessons with science, history, memory, art, reasoning, reading, language and field trips

For the science part of the attentiveness lesson we learned about the ear.  How it works and the parts.  After day one, both boys know all the parts of the ear.  I was honestly blown away.  We have tried less hands on approaches and it took longer (example: memorizing the continents)  We defined attentiveness, practiced eye contact, acted out Bible stories, talked about the importance of paying attention, jobs that required attention.  We watched TV with no sound and talked about body language and how we thought the people felt from watching them.  We started reading about Helen Keller, we played attention games and talked about concentration.
I have to supplement Konos with math and phonics.  But Its so wonderful.  I love how the learning fits in to our life and its fun.  It feels like we are playing.  And we are.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Code word for....

Wes and I recently went to dinner at Cheddars in Webster.  I love Cheddars.  I have a passion for someone named Monte Cristo.  He goes straight to my hips.  But I cant help myself.  It all started when I was 15 and did not have to worry about deep fried sandwiches and powered sugar. 
I digress.  We went to Cheddars and were seated and our waiter greets us "Hi welcome to Cheddars!  I am your waiter, you are going to have great service tonight!  I have not been a waiter here long but I have been waiting tables for a long time, and you are going to have great service tonight".  Umm terrific, seems a little over the top but we will go with it.  So Mr. Fabulous brings us our teas and takes our orders. 
Then he comes back "Hi welcome to Cheddars, have you been sitting here long?  I will be right with you"  ............ What?  Wes and I look at each other, half expecting to be on punked or something, "You took our order" "what?  man I'm so busy tonight let me check and I will be right back"  So off he goes.  He comes back and he did indeed take our order (and apparently something with it) and life is good.  So Mr. fabulous refills our drinks a few times, which was painful each and every time, and then he says "Do you guys know what day of the week it is?"  We say "Yes Its Saturday night" he says "What?  Oh man I lost a day somewhere, I cant believe its Saturday night"
Then comes time for the check, he hands us the check then immediately says "Do you need change?"  whoa buddy let me check my wallet.
So do you agree?  Is the phrase "your going to have wonderful service tonight" code for "get ready for some sucky service"

Monday, November 12, 2012


I finally had some time today.  Time alone.  My step father took the kids to the movies, Wes went hunting and the baby was asleep.  I cleaned my house.  I watched tv.  I sat on the couch and had a coke.  I collected my thoughts.  I did not solve any problems.  The worlds or my own. and it was nice.