Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We started a new unit this week on attentiveness, using the Konos curriculum.  I absolutely love it.  I feel like the children have learned so much in two days.  Konos teaches a character trait and incorporates bible lessons with science, history, memory, art, reasoning, reading, language and field trips

For the science part of the attentiveness lesson we learned about the ear.  How it works and the parts.  After day one, both boys know all the parts of the ear.  I was honestly blown away.  We have tried less hands on approaches and it took longer (example: memorizing the continents)  We defined attentiveness, practiced eye contact, acted out Bible stories, talked about the importance of paying attention, jobs that required attention.  We watched TV with no sound and talked about body language and how we thought the people felt from watching them.  We started reading about Helen Keller, we played attention games and talked about concentration.
I have to supplement Konos with math and phonics.  But Its so wonderful.  I love how the learning fits in to our life and its fun.  It feels like we are playing.  And we are.

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