Saturday, March 10, 2012

Glow baby glow!

Tonight we had fun with glow vinegar and glow beads. I got the idea from a cool web site called the play at home mom

I set up the activity for the kiddos
The activity included 4 test tubes with glow vinegar, two jars of glow vinegar, and two containers of glow beads, and a  black light.  To make glow vinegar you first make glow water.

Glow water: fill a container of water & soak a green or yellow highlighter in it until highlighter is clear (the orange did not glow in the dark).  Add a very small amount of glow water to your vinegar.  It can be very, very diluted and it will still glow.  

Adding baking powder
wow look at that mom!  How did you make it glow?
Elis turn!
Now its time to play with glow beads to make glow beads you
soak your polymer beads in the glow water (found in the floral section at walmart)
 We ran them down our hot wheel tracks for extra fun, we also took turns just bouncing these in to the container
My kiddos hands
daddy's hand.

It was a fun glow in the dark adventure for all!

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