Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Draw Something

You may be familiar with this new game you can play on line with your facebook friends, and other random people if you choose to do so.  I have started playing it, mostly late at night while I am up feeding the baby.  If the kids happen to see me playing it in the morning they want to play it too.  Some of you have gotten drawing from them when I did not know my ipad had been taken.  Oops!

Well in my quest to limit electronics I told them we were going to play the real draw something.  You know, something that's a little like pictionary.

We got our dry erace board and some markers and I made up a bunch of words and wrote them on index cards.  As we guessed I actually was able to come up with a lot more words and I added those.

We had so much fun, if they could not read a word Wes or I read it to them and then we would just sit out that game.

This is a lamp, like I said if you have gotten a drawing from him on drawsomething I am sorry.

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