Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peep Presents

I love Peeps, all the beautiful spring colors.
And my kids love to eat them.   So its a win win.

I saw an adorable peeps gift on Pintrest, and decided to make a version of it for my kids class Easter gifts.  First I needed peeps.  Lots of them, and lots of colors.

I opened them all and sorted by color

My peeps army.  I am aware I have a problem.  My husband told me.  I love sorting things by color.  I sort bags of M&M's, I sort rocks.  My brother used to mess up my sorting on purpose.  Because he loves to mess with me.
Once everything was sorted, then I bagged them.

And added these cute little labels out of spring scrap booking paper.

Now the presents were ready for all of their "PEEPS"

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