Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sea Monkeys - What are they?

I was at Walmart the other day and I saw sea monkeys in the kids toy section.  And I thought to myself "how cool"  I almost bought some.  But the wording on the package freaked me out. 

Sea-Monkeys® are a true miracle of nature. They exist in suspended animation inside their tiny eggs for many years. The instant-life crystals, in which the eggs are enclosed, preserve their viability and help to extend still further their un-hatched life span! Sea-Monkeys are real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future!

Say what?  So I decided to go to the web and find out what they were.  Everything on the actual Sea Monkey web page freaked me out.  So I went to Wikipedia.  They broke it down in normal words for me 

Sea-Monkeys is a brand name for brine shrimp – a group of crustaceans that undergo cryptobiosis  – often sold in hatching kits as novelty aquarium pets. 

There was that so hard?  Nothing scary about shrimp

So It was a go
I was so excited, I wanted to do it with out the kids.  But I thought that would be odd.  So I just purified the water & had it set up when they woke up in the morning.

We added our Sea Monkeys & then we waited 5 days

Then I feed them, and then nothing.  I have no idea what went wrong.  How does one kill sea monkeys?  I don't know.  But apparently I did.   Oh well, maybe we will try again.

Maybe not

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