Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cooking with Miss Kay - Homemade Mac & Cheese

I was excited and nervous about this one.  Since we have moved to our new home, in the country, and I am homeschooling I have wanted to cook lunches. Really, just cook more in general for my family.   Sandwiches get boring & price wise I think you can fix a nice healthy lunch for the same price.  I have tried a few homemade mac & cheese recipes and I could never get it right.  But I have had good homemade mac &cheese, so I knew it could be done & I was not ready to give up on my search for a good homemade mac & cheese recipe.
I started with some elbow macaroni.
Many of Miss Kay's recipes start like this:
Every thing is all mixed up and ready to bake.....
Here we go!
I was so nervouse.  I hate putting work into something and having it turn out...not so good.
Guess what?

It didn't happen!

Miss Kay's homemade mac & cheese (page 70) got a thumbs up from both boys & me.  They said next time I could add a bit more cheese & I agreed.  So that it the only change I will make.  It made a big 9x13 dish and we will heat this up for a few days.
I did not figure points on this one yet, but I ate a reasonable serving size and was full.

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