Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cooking with Miss Kay - Willie's Favorite Roast with Vegetables

This was my first time to cook a roast.  I was excited to try it and I like how she suggest it as a Sunday meal.  We go to church on Saturday nights, but it is still nice to have meals where you can throw everything in a pot & eat it in a few hours. 
Willie's Favorite Roast with Vegetables (page 32)

I did a few things wrong.  First, my cast iron Dutch oven was not large enough, so I moved everything in to a larger pot.  I am thinking this contributed to a longer cook time, because cast iron cooks much hotter than a normal pot.
The vegetables were a little crispy, which was odd.. 

But everyone agreed it had a really great flavor and I should try again.  I think I am going to get a large cast iron Dutch oven and give it another shot.  Or try again with a lid.  I'm not sure. But its worth making again.

The points on this one vary depending on what you eat, potatoes are 3pts each, meat for 3oz is 4pts, and the veggies are 2 pts.  I'm not sure on the gravy.

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