Friday, April 15, 2011

It wasent me

There was a peroid of time where my youngest son was peeing on the floor and blaming the dog.  He would run into the room and say "MOM, come with me.  The dog PEEed on the floor"  He would grab me by the hand and take me to the pee spot.  Well the problem was the pee spot was too small to be the dogs, it was Elis pee spot.  We finally broke him of this.

So our new dog had an accident on the floor, he pooped.  Eli ran into the kitchen and said "GUYS REX POOPED!  REX.....It was not me, I SWEAR that I did not POOP on the floor"

I had to laugh, because I wonder how many people have gotten themselfs in a situation where they have to be specific that it was NOT them who used the bathroom on the floor

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