Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visits with Aunt Melanie

Honestly when I tell my sister we are coming to visit, I have no idea why her responce is not "Thats okay" or "gee I think I am busy"  but she likes to see us.  So we came over to visit Aunt Melanie, the event started with a sugar melt down.  I was a sweet Aunt/Mommy and I brought 3 cupcakes for the kids and made some cake pops for my sister.

Well we had to wait for my sister, so the cake pops melted.  Then we got in her car and they driped everywhere.  So she never got to see them this cute.  I acidently steped on the cupcakes, not totally but still it was a mess & I was thinking "why in the heck did I bring this stuff"

So we get to my sisters, the kids are running around everywhere, being silly kids.  Dancing, pretending like they are kissing ducks.  You know it was a mad house.  Two three year olds (almost 4) and a 5 year old.

We had a good time then it was time to leave.  Eli was hugging my sister and Noah reached over Eli to hug her and accidently grabbed her boob.  And he said "oh no I hit someone" then he said "oh I grabed Aunt Melanies boob"  My sister had a look of horror on her face and said "what just happened?"  And I said my famous last words "well on that note, we will see you soon"

then we ran screaming to the elevator

Do you have any times you feel like you want to melt into the floor?  What are they?

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