Thursday, April 21, 2011


We went on a bike ride yesterday.  I was on my bike, Wes was on his bike pulling Eli behind him in the bike carrier, then Noah was on his bike.  Noah asked if we could stop for a water break.  At this point Eli asked his father if he could get out of the basket and run.  So when we started up again we had a jogger in out little pack. 

Now please visualise this:
You are the Lows man walking to your truck and you see:
A mom on a bike
A dad on a bike
A kid on a bike
the smallest child running

what would you think?
The Lows man said "what the?" and pointed to Eli
I said "marathon training" and he burst into laughter. 

How is it when you kid wants to do something odd, it ends up looking like you are the crazy one.  What do your kids do that make you look crazy?

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