Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buying a house

On the way home Noah got very concerned about where he was going to live when he grew up.  He started asking all kinds of questions.  We explained to him that houses were always for sale and he and his future wife could buy a home.  And if they wanted there were homes close to us for sale.  We showed him several in the neighborhood.  One right across the street.

I opened the van door to get him out and he said "mom I am so worried about getting old"
I laughed "honey its okay"
Noah - "I just dont know where Im going to live or what Im going to do.  I better get across the street and buy that house before Eli buys it"
Wes - Noah maybe your should start putting your birthday money towards a house
Me - laughter

boys :)
DO you have a planner in your family?

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