Thursday, December 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf 2012

This is our second year of Elf on the Shelf being our family tradition.  Our elf does not report back to Santa, he just does silly things.  These pictures are in no patricular order.
Day 1:  Sammy arrived and brought card board ginger bread houses and breakfast
Sammy left a note & magic seeds (sprinkles) to be planted in sugar

The magic seeds GREW over night into cookies!!!  You can see we were shocked
Sammy replaced pictures of family with pictures of himself

Sammy brought us a magic tree 
Sammy left us a paper chain, in the bathroom, down the hall.  WOW it was crazy!!!  He must have worked on it for days ;)

Sammy took a bubble bath in the sink

Sammy built an igloo and snow men out of marshmellows

Sammy took a nap in a tissue box

Sammy took it easy and hung out in the tree

Sammy Sold hot chocolate

Sammy hung from the celing fan

Sammy did some math

Sammy made a snow flake out of Q-Tips

Sammy drew silly faces on our family picture with a dry erase marker!

Scooby-Doo and the Gang caused a little traffic jam that had Sammy waiting for ever!

Sammy left a note on the Dry Erase board
 Sammy Made a Snow Angel
The toys tied sammy up!

Sammy shaved a Christmas tree into daddys head!  (Yes he knew, yes he was awake, yes it was his idea)
Sammy hung up our underwear where our stockings should go!

He did a few more things, that I dont have pictures of.  He made "Elf donuts" and he brought the kids one present to open early on Christmas Eve :)
Hope you enjoyed our Elf this year!  Cant wait to see what he does next year.

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