Monday, July 9, 2012

La Torretta

I had purchased a daily deal from the Houston Chronicle to La Torretta resort which is about an hour north of where we live.  So its close enough for a close get away.  Turns out our "deal"  is about what they are charging for rooms right now anyway, so you can get this deal too!

Eli fell asleep on the way with his goggles on!  Silly boy

I  took pictures through my dirty window as we arrived.

Pay attention to the slide in the back ground of the left picture.  It will be important later

We unpacked and made ourselves right at home

So if you are wondering, Eli is not my favorite child, he just so happens to have jumped into every picture.

This was our view from the hotel window

We grabbed our map & our bracelets & headed out to the water park area

There was an awesome lazy river, it was about wide enough for one round tube float to go though & you want to catch it early.  It gets hot later in the day.

There was this fun kid area, I took pictures over and over until I took one that I was impressed with.  I love my "action" setting
 Okay - so we are having a good time, playing splashing around going down the slides I mentioned earlier.  When Eli bumps his head.  BAD  A huge purple bump popped up and he started telling me he was tired.  So I found someone who worked there & they directed me to the first aid person who worked there.  He was really nice, brought Eli inside the resort checked him out & told me not to let him fall asleep for a few hours.

You can kind of see it here but not really.

We came back to the room and chilled out enjoyed the cable since we don't have it at home.  And Eli just rested.  No sleeping though.  I think its the only time EVER he has said "mom can I go to sleep?"  and my answer was no

While we were resting our "amenity" arrived.  It was cookies, and strawberries and a nut/raisin mix.  Eli and I loved it.  He ate all the strawberries

On our way to dinner Eli suggested that if we were Batman we could just fly through this thing.  Indeed we could.

This is the dining in Prime restaurant.  Here is my suggestion.  Don't eat here.  They have pool side dining & a sushi bar & a Mocha cafe.  All of those places are good.  Prime offers a buffet for breakfast lunch & dinner and we were not impressed for the price.  They do have menu items, so if you go here ask for a menu - you do have to ask - they don't make it known they have one.  Or do room service.

After dinner we played a game of giant chess and checkers

Now your thinking - shesh this is the longest post ever.  Sorry!  Massages were part of our package & it was Wes's first massage ever.  He loved it!  Its about time.  The boys relaxed while we were waiting for him.

Noah did a little meditation.

Then it was off to play put-put (also on the resort)
 Man it was hot!  But very pretty!

So to recap - every thing you saw except the food is included in your hotel price.  Food is extra and as long as you don't eat at Prime, its pretty reasonable.  Everyone was very nice & I would totally recommend this as a fun get away for those of you who live in the Houston area.

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