Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dino Week - Ice eggs

Day one of Dinosaur week. 

We were going to discover some frozen dinosaurs.  You know they were just walking around one day, and then BAM they were frozen.

This activity required a little prep work.  I got out some regular size balloons and shoved little toy dinosaurs in them.

Then I filled them with water and let them freeze a few days

When I got them out the boys were pretty suprised.  I cut the knot off and took the balloon off the ice.  It came off pretty easy.

Then I gave them a hammer and said "help get your friends out!"  Boys and hammers can be dangerous, so I said "lets put on saftey goggles"

They loved this!  I would say it kept them busy for about 45 min.  They each had three "eggs" and they shared a hammer.  I also heated water & let them pour it on the eggs.  We talked about what was happening.

"Why do you think the ice is melting when we pour water on it?"
"Is the water still hot after it runs on the ice?"

Clean up was pretty easy since I had the table covered.  But this is a wet activity and would be good out just happened to be raining

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